Man With a Passion For Living Life

I am an artist. The CCD is my canvas, light is my brush.

Man With a Passion For Living Life

While walking around the park near the Marina in Fort Pierce today, I met Kevin Elm. Kevin looks like any other person who is just getting by and enjoying all there is in life in his own way. No fuss, no muss. Just work and move on, then work some more and move on.  He said he’s been doing that for quite some time. He said he has savings in the bank and works as he travels to put more in the account. He said years ago when he was young he was a firefighter in California for a number of years and holds several certifications. Kevin was married at one time and has several daughters. He returned one day to find out that his wife had divorced him.

Kevin stated he’s been to almost every state except Michigan and a couple others. He recently traveled from Kansas City Missouri through Tennessee, Kentucky and then down the middle of Georgia and Florida. He walked over 700 miles of the 1700 mile journey and said it took two years to do it. He said he never asks for rides, but people do offer from time to time while he is travelling. He gratefully accepts them and that is how he arrived in Fort Pierce.

He said he’s met quite a few kind people along the way. Once in Mid-Florida, he had drank all his water and was walking on SR 68, hot sweaty and tired, he came upon a gated community and asked a person in the office if he could have some water. A kind woman gave him all he could drink and offered him a six pack of water to take with him. Because of the weight, he accepted the water, but then drank it all while sitting under a shade tree. A maintenance man of the community approached him and stated that they were leaving for lunch and would bring him back a sandwich and to wait for their return. A short time later he was eating that sandwich.

Kevin’s latest travel adventure from here will be to Key West where he stated he spent some time in as an eight year old kid. He said he wanted to visit there again and stay for a while working wherever he could find a job.

Kevin then dug into his bag and pulled out a picture of him and his 6 daughters and showed it to me. It was dated 2008 and he said their current ages and names.

After talking with him for a while, I mentioned that I needed to leave and he said thanks for letting him tell his story. I thanked him as well and we parted ways. Safe travel Kevin and  may you be watched over everywhere you go!

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